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Poets in Transylvania

Radu Vancu Radu Vancu

2018-10-22 11:31:02

Echoes from the Holocost

Mira Kimmelman Mira Kimmelman

2018-10-22 11:31:02

سعادت حسن منٹو: ایک نئی تعبیر

پروفیسر فتح محمد ملک پروفیسر فتح محمد ملک

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Ark: Diaspora

Thomas A. Cahill Thomas A. Cahill

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Учитель цинизма

Владимир Губайловский Владимир Губайловский

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فكرة عامه عن الكتاب المقدس

عدة مقالات من مجلة مرقس عدة مقالات من مجلة مرقس

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Nearly Twelve

Sue   Wells Sue Wells

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Under the Tree

Thomas Locicero Thomas Locicero

2018-10-21 11:31:01

Mačje oko

Klod Avlin Klod Avlin

What kind of books do you prefer?

There are a lot of writers who were enough to create one work that made them famous and put them into the centuries. To such authors it is possible to carry boldly the creator of the immortal "Dracula" of 1897, Bram Stoker, born in Ireland. Since childhood he has been an ardent admirer of everything mystical and terrible. His love and became a source for inspiration and subsequent glory. Of modern writers, or rather writers, I want to highlight the American author of the series of novels "Twilight" Stephanie Morgan Mayer. The books sold in 85 million copies and translated into 37 languages. There is also an Australian writer Colin McCullough, the well-known book helped her to wake up. She was educated by Colin Neuropsychologist and was engaged in scientific and teaching activities in the neurobiology department of the Yale School of Medicine at Yale University. Again, we return to modern authors and recall the German writer Patrick Zuskind. He tried hard and long to write good literature, but somehow it did not work. Until one day, his "Perfume" appeared. Both Stephanie Meyer and Patrick Zuskind are alive and well to this day, so we expect new masterpieces from them.